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Claudia’s Story

Twenty-five-year-old Claudia Rubies of Miami, Florida, has been suffering with lupus nephritis since she was 13. An optimistic young woman who enjoys dancing and travel, she longs to live life to its fullest, but it’s difficult because she’s in constant fear of being sick. Claudia’s already been removed from kidney dialysis.  Now she needs our help to take back her life with stem cell therapy.

Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis is an inflammation of the kidney caused by systemic lupus erythematous (SLE), an autoimmune disease. With lupus, the body’s immune system targets its own body tissues. In Claudia’s case, lupus chose to attack her kidneys.

Claudia’s Battle with Lupus

Claudia was diagnosed with lupus when she was 13 and has struggled on and off with symptoms, flare-ups, remissions and hospitalizations ever since. After being diagnosed, she took prescribed medications, some intravenously, had a biopsy of her kidneys and stayed out of the sun. The pills suppressed the symptoms and her high school years were generally symptom free. She took up dance and stopped taking the pills. But emotional stress triggered flare-ups as a young adult. At one point, her kidneys were only functioning at 15% and she had to undergo kidney dialysis. She was hospitalized for a month when she had her first dialysis treatment.

Claudia did not envision her life as coming to the clinic three times a week for three hours to undergo kidney dialysis. She did her own research and began practicing a life of healthy living, meditation and positive thinking. She travelled to Hawaii and starting enjoying the simple things she had taken for granted. But lupus being the “sneaky wolf” it is, it crept up on her and she relapsed.

A trip to emergency nearly resulted in death as the medical professionals struggled to get her back on dialysis. She developed compartment syndrome in one of her arms from her hand to her elbow, which is pressure buildup due to swelling of tissues. The artery in her opposite arm turned black so nurses couldn’t place a catheter in her arm; instead, they created a fistula, an area in her arm to withdraw blood. This time she was on dialysis for four months.

That near-death experience left her with kidneys that function at only 10 percent, high blood pressure and noticeable scarring on each arm. It also left her more determined than ever to fight. Through continued positive thinking, meditation, exercise and eating well, Claudia has been able to maintain a full-time job and be removed from kidney dialysis. The latter is considered a medical miracle since people who start kidney dialysis rarely stop unless they have a transplant.

Stem Cell Therapy May be Claudia’s Last Hope

Through extensive research and several medical opinions, Claudia feels the best solution for her chronic condition is stem cell therapy. She understands the way in which stem cell therapy helps the body heal itself by introducing healthy cells into the injured area, where they turn on and augment the body’s own repair mechanism.

It’s estimated her treatment will cost $10K.

Please help people like Claudia take back their lives!