Eric Stoffers

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Mr. Stoffers is a recognized stem cell author, investment manager and philanthropist.  With more than fifteen years of business and executive experience, Mr. Stoffers has taken on key leadership roles in many business ventures including managing commercial properties, medical resort facility marketing in Mexico, and as an executive with a major U.S. restaurant chain. Eric’s track record demonstrates proven success at scaling businesses and increasing organization value.

His expertise includes private equity, mergers & acquisitions, recapitalization, and development.

Eric is a board member of “Real Jaco: Academy of Leadership & Soccer”, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping our children become the leaders of tomorrow.  Real Jaco provides leadership and soccer programs after school, weekends and during summer vacation, filling the void during the times our children are at the highest risk of being victimized or drawn into negative and criminal activities.

Mr. Stoffers is a co-founder of Bioscience Americas, LLC and is a managing member of Bioscience Capital, LLC, a medical venture capital company.

Mr. Stoffers holds a degree in Business Administration from Northern Arizona University and is a resident of Glendale, Arizona.